Unbeaten path | Sabbatical

Quitting your job is not the romantic experience you’ve been sold

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The unspoken rule of self made successful people is to share their stories after they’ve achieved their goals. How about adding a new rule? Share the process as we go. Normalise experimentation as a way of life. Success might as well be the way we look back at these experiments.

‍🚀Improving one of the key skills for any engineer and aspiring tech superstar

Getting way too technical when saying something. Does this sound familiar? Whether you’re a software engineer or a business stakeholder, you probably encountered this issue more than once. Time and time again, we find our way back to it, either in simple daily status updates or in high-stakes pitches.


dezvoltare personală cu aromă de fructe

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O cutie de DZV de portocale și niște Nurofen, vă rog

De portocale nu mai avem. Fructe de pădure? Simplu?

Doar Nurofen atunci, mulțumesc.

O cură de DZV de două ori pe an și n-ar trebui să ne mai doară capul. Citit, exersat, reformulat gânduri nefuncționale? Adio. …

În ultima vreme am tot auzit ideea că nu există fapte bune total altruiste. Că, într-un fel sau altul, oricine face bine în jur, o face de fapt pentru sine. Poate are nevoie să își valideze imaginea despre sine că e un om bun, poate că donează sânge doar pentru…

Ioana Somi

Multi-passionate who took a break from her grown up job without a backup plan. 🤹‍♀️ I write to make sense of the world around me. 🎨

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